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Hello everyone!

The Cowboy's Sweetheart (Callahan Brothers)

Last time I wrote, it was to tell you my latest book, The Cowboy's Sweetheart (a Western Romance) was almost finished.

It is now complete and is available for purchase. It's available in both print (from Amazon) and electronic versions across a variety of platforms. You can check it out here.

This is a new genre for me, but I've had some fantastic feedback from my beta readers, and I'm sure (hope!) it will be well received.

I really enjoyed researching for this genre, and also enjoyed writing it.

At the time of writing, is has been reduced to just 99c - as a new release special.

I have already started the next book in the series, and I hope to have that one available late September or early October.

As mentioned last time, my blog is broken.  It is still broken, but I'll let you know when it is working again.

The Cowboy's Sweetheart (Callahan Brothers)

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Til next time,